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Shut Down Period 12/06/2017 - 01/08/2017

Please be advised that from the 12th of June 2017, Groomed will be shut for a small duration. At this point in time, attentions have been directed to unfortunate family circumstances. We understand the great inconvenience this causes our clients, however please know this decision was not made lightly.

Our doors will be re-opening on the 1st of August 2017. Clients with existing bookings between this period will be contacted to make alternative arrangements.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.
– The Groomed Team

About Us

Groomed is an oasis of gentlemanly calm amid the incessant distraction of modern life. Beeping phones, endless meetings, droning colleagues, attention starved friends and family, all of which are a drain on your sanity. A man needs his sanctuary. A restorative faculty.

Behold our barbershop: half-gentleman’s club, half-psychiatrist’s couch, 100% self-indulgent. A place to sit, think and just be. Recharge your chivalry and emerge afterwards as a slightly better you, with a dapper haircut or hot towel shave, smelling good, feeling tingly and ready to face your beckoning life once more. A visit to Groomed and the world seems a more tolerable place, until next time.

  • Price List

    • Style Cut $45
    • Hot Towel Shave $25
    • Royal Shave $60
    • Beard Trim $20
    • Moustache Trim $15
    • Shoe Shine $15
  • The Gentleman’s Membership

    The Royal

    Treat yourself to a Royal Shave each month and receive an additional 10% off all retail products and other services. $25/fortnight

    The Trim

    Keep yourself looking groomed throughout the year with a weekly beard or moustache trim and receive an additional 10% off all retail products and other services. $18/fortnight

  • A Groom’s Day

    The rings are purchased, the suits are sorted, you've booked the wedding night accommodation and you've nearly written your speech, but have you thought about ensuring the right style for yourself and your groomsmen for such a momentous occasion?

    Your wedding is a day filled with tradition, and our services are suitably matched. Classic hot towel shaving, elegant, but simple hair cuts & styling, shoe shining, and a long list of available accessories are available to enhance your pre-wedding Groomed experience.

    Groomed provides a relaxed environment for the groom and his groomsmen to unwind.

    It's the Gentleman's destination and we have tailored our packages to suit the various needs of our clients.

  • Executive Package

    • Hot Towel Shave/Beard Trim
    • Style Cut
    • Shoe Shine
    • Pocket Comb

    We Start things off with a style cut, and closely follow with a traditional luxury hot towel shave. Our shave treatment involves the application of a soothing and calming aftershave balm and protective, creamy moisturiser which tones, soothes and hydrates your skin leaving you looking your absolute sharpest for your big day ahead. Adding to your extravagant experience, we then polish your shoes, provide the groomsmen with a complementary Baxter of California skin care kit and pocket comb, as well as a Wedding Day survival kit for the groom. $85pp

    Premium Package

    • Hot Towel Shave/Beard Trim
    • Shoe Shine
    • Pocket Comb

    We apply a therapeutic hot towel to soften your beard followed by a healthy amount of rich, creamy lather to minimise skin irritations. To top it all off, a soothing aftershave balm and moisturiser is applied to calm, hydrate and protect your skin, which will leave you with a razor sharp, crisp and clean look. $50pp

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